MME Calendar

In addition to the monthly calendar displayed below, you may also view the MME School Calendar.

The MME Calendar will be updated throughout the year with known dates effecting MME families – including district-wide dates from the master DJUSD Calendar combined with MME-specific events & dates.

View the MME PTA Calendar within your Personal Google Calendar

You can view an overlay the MME PTA Calendar within your personal Google Calendar.  First log into your Calendar at with your Google account. On the left sidebar you’ll see “Add a friend’s calendar”. Type in “” and the MME calendar will appear merged into your personal calendar.  By clicking on the drop down list next to “Calendar MME”, you can edit the default settings for your personal use.

View the MME PTA Calendar within your iPhone Calendar

Once completing the above step to add the MME PTA Calendar to your Personal Google Calendar, you can sync that calendar onto your iPhone, by going to on your computer, and putting a check next to “MME School Calendar (Read Only)” and click “Save”.  Then go to your iPhone Calendar, and click “Calendars” at the bottom, and verify  that the MME School Calendar is listed with a check.