MME Gardens

MME has school gardens! We have a courtyard garden for Kinder, TK/1st grade, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, and 6th. We also have a pollinator garden, a main garden against the playground, and many fruit trees on campus (persimmon, pomegranate, lemon, kumquat, pineapple guava). This means there are many chances for our students to help plant, water, or just be near food and ornamental plants. However, it also means we have a lot of volunteers needs for weeding, bed preparation, planting, and general garden care. Would you like to help us? Hours can be nearly any time that works for you! Contact Jill Souza at or go to contact us. 

Planting the kinder beds 2024


Romanesco Cauliflower ripening in the main garden 2024


Shoveling compost to bring to the school gardens (Juan, Levi, Jill, Breidi)