Volunteer Opportunities

This is a big event with a huge impact to the programs & events that can be sponsored by the PTA at MME.  As such, it takes a lot of volunteers to make MME’s biggest fundraising event successful!  There are both big and small roles for the activities that occur in the months leading up to the event, and many more volunteers that will be needed on the “day-of”.

Here are some examples of critical support roles:

  • Solicitations – Contact previous generous donors and secure a donation for the current year.
  • Decorations – Participate on the crew that plans, purchases & creates the decorations that bring our auction theme to life.
  • Venue Set-Up – Participate in set-up and other day-of preparation activities.
  • Bid Recording – Participate in Silent Auction table closing and Live Auction bid recording.
  • Raffle Ticket Sales – Walk around during the Silent Auction and offer last minute Raffle Tickets for purchase.
  • Auction Games Sales – Walk around during the Silent Auction and sell “turns” in the different games, such as the Secret Balloon and Heads-or-Tails.
  • Check-Out Cashiering – Provide guest check-out services including collection of money and provision of purchased items.
  • Venue Clean-Up – Participate in clean-up and other evening wrap-up activities.