Pony Express Weekly Newsletter for MME Families

The MME PTA distributes a weekly email newsletter that contains important information about school and PTA events and ways to contribute your time and resources to our school.

PONY EXPRESS 2022/2023 

August 23, 2022  English 

August 28, 2022 Spanish

August 28, 2022 English

September 4, 2022 English

September 4, 2022 Spanish

September 19, 2022 English

September 12, 2022 Spanish 

September 19, 2022 English 

October 2, 2022 English 

October 2, 2022 Spanish

October 17, 2022 English

October 17, 2022 Spanish

October 24, 2022 English

October 24, 2022 Spanish

Weekly PTA Newsletter (to receive a copy in your inbox please reach out to

There are many ways to stay informed about what is happening at MME.

  1. Frequently visit this website and our school website at Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School Site  these sites will be regularly updated throughout the year.
  2. Add the MME PTA Calendar to your Personal Google Calendar; this will allow you to anticipate and participate in many of the activities planned at MME.
  3. Sign up for the Parent Email Distribution List; you will receive weekly Pony Express Newsletter updates as well as time-sensitive announcements and reminders.
  4. Like the MME PTA Page on Facebook and the DJUSD Page on Facebook.
  5. Read the papers that your child brings home from school.
  6. Attend & participate in PTA Meetings and/or receive updates from your PTA Classroom Representative.
  7. Listen to the phone messages sent by the District and MME.
  8. Read the Marquee located at the beginning of the drop-off circle at the front of the school and the Sandwich Boards that will be regularly updated.

If you would like to submit content to, or need information about, any of these communications channels, please send an email to

Parent Email List

Sign up for the MME Parent Email Distribution List to receive weekly Pony Express Newsletters as well as updates with time-sensitive announcements and reminders.

You can also unsubscribe from the MME Parent Email Distribution List at the same link (you will need your password), or you can send an email with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject to

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